How to create a WordPress website from scratch?

How to create a WordPress website from scratch?

Creating a website from scratch can be very difficult and intimidating if you are proceeding with coding. This is true as it required lots of knowledge and experience. But no worries, WordPress is one of the best CMS that allow you to create a wordpress website from scratch with no piece of coding, simply by drag and drop.

WordPress offers variety of features like feasibility, powers, and easy to use, no matter how much experience you have. With some basic knowledge, there is nothing that you can’t do.

Determine Your website’s Goals and Needs

Before creating a website, you must be cleared that What would you like to achieve with this website? Here’s some of the examples;

  • Attracting customers to your brand or a store.
  • Sharing your thoughts as a blog or a magazine.
  • Building a portfolio for creative work.
  • Generating more subscribers for a newsletter.

There is no condition of creating, you can create any type of website with WordPress.

Get a web hosting and domain name

After acknowledgement your website’s goals, you have to purchase a web hosting and a domain name.

As WordPress is opensource and free to use, that’s why you need a web hosting. What is Hosting? Hosting is like a place where your website lives. All your website’s data is stored in Hosting. Make sure to buy a good hosting plan, otherwise it will affect your ranking and resources as well. There is many Hosting providers in the market but we prefer to use Hostinger, as it’s powerful and have lots of premium features available as free like SSL, free Domain Name etc.

How to create a WordPress website from scratch?

Domain Name is the identity of your website that’s why it is unique all over the world. Same just like the hosting, you can purchase the Domain Name from Hostinger, GoDaddy, Name Cheap etc. I prefer to use Name Cheap for buying a domain name.

Tips to choose a domain name

  • Use Shorter Domain Name
  • Avoid Dashes and Numbers
  • Better to choose .com extension
  • Avoid trademark names
  • Use easy words

Connect your Hosting Plan with Domain Name

Connection between Web Hosting and Domain Name is the most important step in website creating. If you have purchase Hosting and Domain Name from a single place like Hostinger, GoDaddy, Name cheap etc, then there is no need to establish this connection because it is pre-established by the providers. But If you have purchase Hosting from one provider and Domain Name from the other provider, then you need to establish this connection manually.

What you need to do for this is just login into your Domain Name Provider, Copy your Nameservers and paste it into your Hosting Plan and you are ready to go.

Install WordPress on your Domain

Now the next step is to install wordpress on your domain, For this you need to login into your Hostinger provider and Go to website’s option. Click on Install WordPress in the auto installer tab.

WordPress Basic Settings

There are some basic settings of wordpress, that you need to do for better output.

  • Select WordPress theme
  • Install Important Plugins
  • Set Permalinks
  • Set Language
  • Select Homepage

Establish a Color scheme

If your company or business already has a presence , then your website should match with that. Otherwise, you may need to determine which colors you will use in your website design and graphics.

Don’t have a designing background? No need to worry. Focus on the two things;

  • Choose colors that looks good together
  • Note their Hex code

Create Important Pages

Create important pages for your website, First of all create a landing page which is also known as homepage. Here’s the example of some important pages;

  • Landing Page
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • FAQs
  • Blog
  • Privacy Policy
How to create a WordPress website from scratch?

Write High Quality Content

As you creating the important pages, now the next step is to write high quality content. Make sure that the content is not ai generated and copy-righted. Enrich your content by using images and videos related to the topic. Here’s the procedure;

  • Select the topic or low competition keyword
  • Gain Knowledge about the topic
  • Write in your own words
  • Prefer to use easy words
  • Insert Images and Videos
  • Add Internal links
  • Outsource related links
  • Engage your audience

Launch your website

As your website is created , Now the time reached to launch your website.

  • Connect Google Search Console
  • Connect Analytics
  • Submit Sitemap
  • Index your website

Finally, your website is launched. Hurrah! Now work on your website regularly, adopt new strategies, and start work on its ranking.

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