An Acquisition Marketing Guide for Startups Looking to Scale

Acquisition marketing is indispensable for startups seeking to scale. It can be tricky, however – if you don’t have the necessary funds available or know where to begin looking for a suitable solution, things could become quite stressful!

Whether or not you’ve been planning your acquisition strategy in earnest, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest advancements in this field so that you can succeed with it. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide that provides all the necessary insights into how best to proceed!

An Acquisition Marketing Guide for Startups Looking to Scale

Start with Needs vs. Wants

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t mentioned that one of the most prevalent marketing models for startups is acquisition. While it may be a foregone conclusion in this article, there are many tools to choose from when figuring out what media channels you’ll utilize and how best to reach new users who have yet to discover your product.

But in order to understand why people are purchasing an item or service of yours, we need to take a step back. To begin with, they might not even be aware they possess wants at all – let alone ones that necessitate acquiring something new! Hence, it’s essential to identify these before moving forward with any campaigns or tactics devised by the sales team:

Look Beyond Organic Search and Social Media Advertising

If your startup is brand new, you may not be familiar with the ins and outs of search engines like Google and Bing. However, this shouldn’t preclude you from devoting resources to acquiring more users through paid advertising channels.

Look Beyond Organic Search and Social Media Advertising

For starters, In Acquisition marketing strategies social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are prime areas for generating an uptick in traffic to your website. Social media platforms provide an ideal setting for connecting with potential customers and facilitating conversations about products and services – all with little effort on your part! In addition to their relevance among prospective patrons, these platforms offer a multitude of marketing opportunities that can prove quite beneficial for brands looking to expand their presence online.

When it comes to investing in digital advertisements, look no further than the platforms themselves. After all, what’s better than utilizing one’s native platform for reaching potential new consumers? Not only does this approach yield optimum results – but it also provides an extra layer of security; if anything goes awry with any aspect of those campaigns then there won’t be any damage done at all!

Focus on High-Value Acquisition Channels

In recent years, the prevalence of online ads has waned considerably in favor of social media and other channels. The emergence of these alternative channels provides an avenue for advertisers to reach potential clients without relying on traditional channels such as Google or Facebook; they afford a more personal connection between businesses and customers.

For startups, it’s essential to carefully evaluate which channels can yield the greatest value and thus provide the most bang for your buck. Below is a list of some crucial acquisition methods that could prove beneficial in this regard:

Social networks are an indispensable resource for gaining access to potential consumers as well as for nurturing leads across multiple channels at once. Over 70% of marketing professionals indicate that social media is still their preferred approach for acquiring new leads – with less than 5% opting instead for email marketing! Those who do favor direct mail over any other channel typically do so because it affords them a more personalized experience and allows them to take ownership over their communication with their audience.

In an effort to achieve maximum efficiency, enterprises should select social media platforms that provide the highest level of functionality. Are you working with Twitter? Or perhaps LinkedIn? Then make sure you’re utilizing those platforms effectively. If you’re not keeping up with notifications, then we’ll all miss out on being able to interact with our target audiences!

Know the Three Phases of an Acquisition Marketing Campaign

In a nutshell, an acquisition marketing campaign is designed to attract new leads into a company’s sales funnel. Typically, this involves managing multiple channels at once in order to attain various outcomes and expand your customer base as quickly as possible.

To understand more about the three phases of an acquisition marketing plan, take a look at what they entail:

Identify which channels you’ll be using, create a brief strategy and identify top prospects to reach out to with targeted emails or social media ads. This should be completed before anything else! Once you’ve established contact, begin the process of creating content that offers value-added insights for prospective buyers. Finally – follow up on success messages periodically if necessary; don’t forget about them!

Equipped with these pointers, you can confidently begin planning and executing a robust acquisition marketing program for your business!

Consider Third-Party Finders and a Team Approach

To maximize your chances of successful landing pages, frequency is key. Make sure you’re launching new content on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged and ultimately acquire new leads for your business.

Third party finders such as Tapestry; HubSpot CRM; Mention; and Sprout Social are just a few of the tools that offer valuable insight into potential new leads. To make use of this data effectively, it’s crucial to have an organized process in place.

The ideal solution would involve the setup of a team-based approach that consists of both an inner and outer circle – one who could help to identify target prospects and another group dedicated solely to acquiring those leads.

Pair Finders With a Reputable Recruiter to Reduce Reliability Issues

When you’re presenting your startup to investors, the last thing they need is to hear that their investment will fail because of a venture-backed staffing service. To avoid these issues arising, have Finders select its clientele carefully – selecting recruiters who are not just trustworthy professionals but also those who demonstrate impeccable ethics and reputations may help allay any concerns about potential liabilities associated with working with this organization.

Finders’ services come at a premium price tag, but if you want to ensure top-notch reliability from your recruiters, it’s crucial that they provide a thorough vetting process for their applicants’ credentials prior to making an offer. If you choose to go with one of their partners instead of directly contracting with the company, you could be subjecting your team to potentially riskier recruiting practices than usual – do not underestimate the importance of diversifying your channels for recruitment!

Build a Referral Program to Drive Repeat Business

Are you being successful with your acquisition marketing strategy? Probably not. You should definitely be employing it, but there’s another side to the equation that can help catapult growth: referral marketing.

What is a referral program? It’s an effective way to incentivize users who have already made a purchase to generate new leads for your business. If users love the product or service they obtained in its entirety, why not offer them something in exchange for providing referrals to their contacts?

By establishing a system where customers are rewarded for each prospective customer they send your way, you’re creating a fervent loyalty culture among those who make purchases from your startup. This will help ensure repeat business and subsequent sales down the road!


Acquisition marketing is an integral part of any growth strategy. Utilizing these tools and techniques can help you acquire more users, acquire new customers or expand your base of loyal followers.

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